Ingenious fixing system with a writable and
dry wipeable white
top layer.

The latest product from Bakker Magnetics is the Mag-Match: the ultimate flexible magnetic wall system for offices. The system consists of profiles and panels which can be very easily attached to a wall.
The panels click magnetically on the profiles which are mounted on the wall. The white, writable and dry wipe panels consist of an iron containing rubber layer, a white layer and a high quality dry wipe layer. Upon request the panels can be personalized with full colour prints.
Thanks to an ingenious fastening system in the profiles, the panels lie beautifully flat next to each other, creating one even surface. It is lightweight, works quickly, is easy to install by one person, can be changed every time and simply looks stunning. The patented Mag-Match consists of a set for a 2.35 metre high wall and a 1 metre high poster frame. The Office version has writable panels, ideal for scrum sessions, among other things.

Technical specs

Panel dimensions:
970 x 2350 mm.

Panel weight:
18 kg.

Total surface accepts magnets, is white, is writable and dry wipeable.

Assemble with enclosed assembly profile set.

Iron containing rubber sheet thickness 0.4 mm.
White vinyl and dry wipe top layer, each approx” 0.1mm thickness.

Alubond panel 4mm.

Backside carrier:
Magnetic strip 1.7 mm thickness, magnetisation 5 poles.